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  • You were born to Achieve more than you have achieved or planning to achieve. In the mind of every person , there is an abundance of treasures hidden there, by using that hidden treasure you can achieve Mega success in your life.   In this book, 12 KEYS TO MEGA SUCCESS, there are dynamic keys …

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  • A Tale to Tell

    KSh 800.00

    A tale to tell is a collection of African short stories that cut across cultures and times.

  • This study guide will furnish the students with a comprehensive analysis of the set text. It will provide an insightful acumen for the learners as they encounter the thematic concerns depicted in Ishiguro’s “An Artist of the Floating World”.It will also be a suitable companion as they prepare for their summative K.C.S.E examinations.

  • Basic courtesy,etiquette and manners are generally assumed to be automatically imbued on learners; Syllabi at elementary level contextually(arguably) devote little content on these aspects of child’s character development.I was motivated to write “Excuse me,I am Sorry,the A-Z of courtesy, etiquette and manners” , after observing my two children and their interaction with customers at my …

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  • Less Than Equals

    KSh 800.00

    LESS THAN EQUALS traces the longitudinal journey of marital relations from dating to engagement and the factors you need to look for in a prospective marriage partner. It also covers the vari ous stages of marriage – from a young couple without children to an elderly couple coping with an empty nest. It proposes the …

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  • Mwongozo huu umekusudia kurahisisha ya mwalimu mwelekezi pamoja na mtahiniwa katika kutambua dhamira yake Timothy Arege. Maudhui yake yamedon dolewa moja baada ya lingine kwa kina. Aidha, umeweka wazi sifa kuu za kila mhusika na jinsi anavyoendeleza maudhui katika tamthilia hii.

  • This book is a fascinating true story of the struggles of the vulnerable people in the D R Congo, the land of plenty, whose generations have been left under unbearable miseries. The story moves around Ikoko and Lelo, the ambitious young souls whose dreams were shattered. Ikoko, the girl whose mother was sexually assaulted and …

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  • Remind Me To Forget

    KSh 800.00

    Remind Me To Forget is a collection of poems that talk about the challenges people go through. It touches on the pain that people undergo to satisfy others and how they live in a rotten society.


    This book touches on key issues that society faces daily including love, injustice, depression, hypocrisy and pain, among others.

    Lewis Wamwanda’s Remind Me To Forget is a must read for those seeking to understand the sacrifices people make in their daily lives.

  • Ripped

    KSh 800.00

    The perilous environment surrounding Sandra put her between a rock and a hard place. Aiden too navigates through puzzling circumstances trying to save Sandra who was running from predicaments that unsympathetically never seemed to give her space to breathe.   Even after an accident and Aiden’s leg is amputated-he didn’t lose hope; he optimistically went …

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  • Solid Knowledge on Africa is a dossier that focuses on the past and present knowledge on Africa. It presents the facts about Africa’s socioeconomic development trajectory using a historical perspective and the circumstances that might have facilitated or hindered that development. It is a reflection on Africa’s distant past, recent past, present, and future. As …

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  • The Blood Stains 

    KSh 1,000.00

    The stories in this collection cover a period of three and a half decades and address various challenges and themes that face a person growing and ageing in Africa. They traverse the binaries of rural and urban, young and old, poor and rich, physical and metaphysical, and so forth of every generation. The source of …

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  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐭 describes an epic cultural journey of a family’s successive generations served in a perfect blend of devastating pain and enchanting joy. The novel is a classical African tale where virtues like hope and hard work reward a bounty, while vices like spite and malice lead characters to self-destruction.   Through …

    The Harvest from the DesertRead More

  • One of the most quoted lines in the history of reading posits that “leaders are readers”. Ideally, all powerful leaders have the reading habit as evinced in this work of art. The thirst for knowledge, the want to know and the passion to be informed cuts across this book as the main thrust of all …

    The Relationship Between Books and PowerRead More

  • The Ties That Bind

    KSh 1,000.00

    The Ties That Bind: Poems from a Father’s Heart to His Son is a touching and heartfelt collection of poetry that captures the special bond between a father and his son. From the joys of fatherhood to the challenges of navigating life, these poems explore the many facets of this unique relationship. The author shares …

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  • Walanyama

    KSh 600.00

    WALANYAMA ni diwani la mashairi yanayoonyesha taswira ya jamii ya sasa. Jamii ambayo imetawaliwa na dhulma, unyanyasaji, unafiki na jinsi mapenzi yamekosa maana kwa kuyapuuza maswala ya jadi.   WALANYAMA ni nyenzo ya bahari mbalimbali za ushairi zilizoshughulikiwa kwa ukamilifu kwa manufaa ya jamii yote ya ulimwengu.

  • When Leadership Is Challenged is a collection of several researches in the bible history, social and political spheres, economical and governance aspects. The challenges that affected their yesterday were the problems of their today that ruined their tomorrow because they were not well dealt with.   The failure of any organization and communities was just …

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