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12 Keys To Mega Success

KSh 600.00
You were born to Achieve more than you have achieved or planning to achieve. In the mind of every person

50 Tips on How To Find Peace in The Darkest Moments

KSh 650.00
This is a motivational book which provides 50 tips on how to get peace even during the darkest moments in

A Simple Guide to Learning French as a Foreign Language

KSh 500.00
A Simple Guide to Learning French as a Foreign Language is a basic and simple guidebook on learning French as

Dear You (ebook)

KSh 1.00
Dear you, don’t cry. You’ve got a reason to smile. But if crying makes you feel better, then cry out

East African Pop Music: The History of All Wanyika Bands

KSh 1,500.00
East African Pop Music is a captivating exploration into the lives, music, and enduring impact of one of East Africa’s

God, Why Are You Making Me Suffer

KSh 850.00
This book provides a path to emotional healing through understanding suffering, answering the question of why God is making you suffer, and offering guidelines on what can be done to deal with suffering. With heartfelt emotion and great insight, the author offers a glimpse into the depths of her broken heart and the ultimate triumph of faith and hope. Through the story of her life struggling to get out of rock bottom, you will find solace and comfort as you explore the depths of pain and suffering and the healing power of God's mercy. An inspiring and uplifting journey shared through examples, this book will comfort anyone who has hit rock bottom. The author shares:
  • A general understanding of pain and suffering
  • 15 powerful reasons why God allows pain and suffering
  • 20 ways of knowing how to bear pain and avoid suffering

Less Than Equals

KSh 800.00
LESS THAN EQUALS traces the longitudinal journey of marital relations from dating to engagement and the factors you need to

Serenades of Customer Loyalty

KSh 1,000.00
Serenades of Customer Loyalty serves not only as a book but also as a call to action. Its purpose is

Solid Knowledge on Africa

KSh 2,000.00
Solid Knowledge on Africa is a dossier that focuses on the past and present knowledge on Africa. It presents the

The Mindset of a Successful Student

KSh 800.00
It is clear that everyone wants to succeed; no one wants to fail, and no one wants to live a

The Relationship Between Books and Power

KSh 1,200.00
One of the most quoted lines in the history of reading posits that “leaders are readers”. Ideally, all powerful leaders

When Leadership is Challenged

KSh 800.00
When Leadership Is Challenged is a collection of several researches in the bible history, social and political spheres, economical and